Space Gene is:

A Club

Space Gene unites people passionate about space technology and exploration. Together we exchange ideas, organize events, trips, and just have fun! We all share the same values and aspirations, which makes us a community which enriches and supports each member

A Research center

We discover the space tech ecosystem, current problems of space exploration, and possible solutions to them. This helps our members to find their own paths in the space industry. We also popularize ideas of space exploration through our posts, articles and events to increase awareness, destroy myths and encourage other people to participate in the space industry

A Platform

We act as a bridge between passionate students and other aspirants on the one side and space tech startups, companies, organizations and experts on the other. We support communication between different space industry agents because success can be achieved only through collaboration

Our Team


We are young ambitious students passionate about space. Together we discuss space-related news, ideas, and plans, and just have fun together! We also organize business events like discussions and conferences, which can be helpful for people who would like to work in the space industry, and astronomy ones, like stargazing trips and observatory tours, which help discover in an engaging way how our Universe works. To popularize space tech, we also write articles, which you can find in our blog section. Are you also into space and want to come along with us? Then join our team!

The club is all about people


Lea Stadelmann

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I'm Lea Stadelmann and I'm an undergraduate student of Physics B. Sc. Space has always fascinated me and I want to find the answers to the infinite questions it raises. What lies beyond the borders of our cosmos? Do parallel universes exist? To find out, I want to make space research more inclusive and environmentally friendly, to share my passion.


Aishwarya Suresh

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I am Aishwarya Suresh, pursuing my masters degree in Communication and Multimedia Engineering at FAU. I am a space enthusiast and been fascinated by Astronomy from my school times. I love organizing events, was part of Technicals events and TEDx organzing committee  when i was doing my Bachelor's degree. Now I am part of Space Gene team, an interesting group which has the right combination of my passions.


André Diniz

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Hi everyone, my name is André and I come from Brazil. Right now, I'm studying Communications and Multimedia Engineering at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and I am passionate about the latest research in space techonologies. I first came into contact with this field when I worked at the array processing department of Fraunhofer FHR and ever since I don't get enough of it. I believe scientific communication is paramount to modern life and that's why I look forward to host events with professionals from different backgrounds to explore connections and learn even more.


Mirza Yıldırım

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Hi! I am Mirza Yıldırım. I am an enthusiastic Electrical & Electronics Engineer. Currently, I am doing my master study in Communications and Multimedia Engineering. Space, Technology and Biology are my favorite topics to read and follow. I am excited and motivated to be a part of Space Gene!


Omar Hussein

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Welcome on SpaceGene horizon. Here is Omar. I hold B.Eng. in Engineering & Management with focus on Complex Systems Engineering. Currently, I am pursuing my master’s in Information Systems with focus on Data & Knowledge. Since I was kid, I have been always looking at the sky day and night feeling an indescribable magical connection to sun, moon, and stars. This was always associated with thoughts like: What a great complex universe are we part of! Could we someday reach the edge of the universe? Does it even have an end? How beautiful our universe is! These thoughts have been always a driving curiosity for me to explore and form my own experience about our universe.


Oleksandra Derikova

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Hello! I am Oleksandra Derikova, I currently study MSc in International Information Systems at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. I came from Ukraine with a background in International Economics to dive into the world of IT and Data Analytics. Over the last years, I became interested in space, until it grew into a dream to start a project in this area. Space exploration seems to me one of the biggest tasks of our generation. As Konstantin Tsiolkovsky once said, “Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot remain in the cradle forever“.

Even though human beings are small in the scale and complexity of this large universe and even relatively new in terms of the existence period, we still managed to send great machines to the space to explore the universe. Have we managed to answer the questions like I was asking myself while growing up? No! Will we be able to answer them in the future? I don’t know! But what I know that we should keep exploring the universe, develop, and exploit our latest technologies to do so. Our scale in comparison to universe doesn’t matter. Finding a specific answer doesn’t matter. If we do find an answer, when? Also, doesn’t matter. What really matters is Keep Trying! Now, would you like to join us in that journey?

Omar Hussein

Nothing beats being a member of the space shuttle crew, right?